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2D Echo with Colour Doppler :

Similar to 2D Echo, the color doppler test uses high-frequency sound waves to evaluate the blood flow through the cardiac chambers and valves. It also helps to find out the blockages in the arteries and measure the extent of narrowing or leakage of the cardiac valves. A 2D Echo combined with Colour Doppler provides a clear picture of the heart anatomy along with the speed and direction of the blood flow in the heart vessels.

2D Echo Procedure :

2D Echo is usually performed under the supervision of a radiologist and a cardiologist. It takes around 20 minutes to 1 hour of time to complete the test. Here is the step-by-step procedure of 2D Echo:

1. To start the procedure, the patient is made to lie on the examination table and the chest region is kept uncovered

2. A special type of gel is applied to the exposed part, that allows the transmission of sound waves

3. Then the transducer, which emits the high-frequency sound waves; will be moved over the gel to capture the images of the heart.

4. The patient may be asked to change the position for better assessment of heart anatomy

5. Finally, the gel is wiped off after the test procedure is completed.